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Vukovar - the pearl of the Danube,
once a strong industrial and craft center, today, unfortunately better known as the biggest victim of the war, now restored, again capturing the attention of visitors with its peculiar beauty, exceptional museums as well as numerous memorial centers of the Homeland War . You can even know it better if you would have a guided city tour. This is the birthplace of our Nobel laureate L. Ruzicka who was also a mentor to the other one - V. Prelog.
Do you know that Vucedol , just a few kilometers from Vukovar, was the center of the most predominant chalcolithic culture in Europe? Do you know the secret of Vucedol partridge? Would you like to eat the best sandwiches in the region, in the very center of Vukovar?
The Eltz family castle is today the site of Vukovar City Museum. Did you know that the (Eltz) family castle in Wierschem (Germany) once adorned the backside of a banknote of 500 DM ?

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Tour guide Mladen-Guided tours in Vukovar and Vucedol takes you on city tours of Vukovar, Ilok, Đakovo, Našice, etc. The city of Vukovar preserves the memory of the war victims in numerous memorial centers of the Homeland War. One could talk about the rich and interesting history of this region for days.

Tour guide Mladen takes you to private tours in Vukovar and will explain you the culture of Vucedol, which is, along with the culture of Vinkovac in the interior and the culture of Cetinje on the coast, one of the most significant cultures of the Metal Age in Croatia. About 2,000 to 3,000 inhabitants lived in Vučedol itself, and it was one of the most important centers of that era. The people of this culture in Vučedol engaged in cattle breeding, probably the oldest cattle breeding in the world. The Vučedol culture ends around 2500 BC. BC, and in Vučedol itself around 2200 BC. Kr.

Wine lovers will definitely find their way here, in private wine tours accompanied by an authorized local tour guide Mladen. thanks to the numerous top wine cellars, especially the Schmidt winery. The extremely high-quality, rich and even affordable gastronomic offer in the entire area of Eastern Slavonia will attract many gourmets. We can always organize and combine tours for you according to your wishes and affinities, of course shaped by the recommendations of a local Tour guide.