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Tour guide MLADEN - The Price List

1. Guided city tour Osijek - The Citadelle and the city center - duration 3,5- 4h - 80 €
Option: Bike city tour Osijek cca 3,5- 4h - 80 € ( + bicycle rental )

2. Vukovar - The War Story (Memorial war centers) - duration cca 3,5- 4h - 90 €

3. The history of Vukovar - From Vučedol to the Homeland War - duration cca 3,5- 4h - 90 €

4. Ilok - Wine & History - duration cca 3,5- 4h - 110 €

5. The Beauty of Baranja - cca 3,5- 4h - 90 €

6. Đakovo - Magnificent Lipizzaners and the diocese - duration cca 3,5- 4h - 90 €

7. All other combinations according to the guests choice are also possible:
Combinations of two or several
different cities or locations, in one or few days, even those not listed here.
Bicycle tours as well as tours that include canoeing are also possible.

We can agree on everything.

All tours will be organized exclusively according to your preferences and interests,
and shaped by the recommendations of a local guide and connoisseur of this area.
Eastern Slavonia is full of natural beauty and places rich in history, and, especially in combination
with the great, abundant and affordable local gastronomic offer and numerous wine cellars,
becomes an extremely desirable tourist destination.

Come and you won't regret it!

NOTE: The prices do not include the prices of tickets to museums, the old cellar, memorial centers and eventual
bicycle or canoe rental.

If the transport is organized by Maestro Tours, this is also added
to the named prices, depending on the type and duration of transport.

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