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Ilok - the pearl of the Danube,
a small town particularly rich in history that lived its golden ages in the times of the count

Nikolas of Ilok

as well as the italian noble family of


, whose castle still shines on the hill above Danube. Its long and impressive viticulture tradition dates even from ancient Romans and has never been interrupted until the occupation of Ilok in the Homeland war.

Do you know that


from Ilok was served at the English court on the day of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II? You can know so much more if you would have a

guided city tour


Would you like to taste Ilok wines in one of many local wineries? Would you like to hear more about the charismatic personality of

St. John of Capistrano

, the patron saint of Ilok?
Would you like to drink coffee on the terrace with the most beautiful view of Ilok and hear numerous interesting facts about it?

Come and you won't regret it!

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Tourist guide Mladen - city tours in Ilok, Vukovar,Đakovo, Našice, etc. Ilok-Tourist guide Mladen takes you through the peculiar history of this town One could talk about the rich and interesting history of this region for days.

Wine lovers will definitely find their way here, thanks to the numerous top quality wine cellars, especially Ilok cellars. Iločki podrumi Traminac was superbly served at the coronation celebration of Queen Elizabeth II. Throughout history and up until today, Traminer and Grasevina, with the seal of authenticity of the Ilok cellars, have won numerous awards. The Ilok-Tourist guide Mladen will also point out the extremely high-quality, rich, even affordable gastronomic offer in the entire area of Eastern Slavonia, especially Ilok and Srijem. We can always organize and combine tours for you according to your wishes and affinities, of course shaped by the recommendations of a local tourist guide.