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Salona - the former capital of the great Roman province of Dalmatia, where had lived even 60,000 inhabitants. Great Emperor Diocletian is considered to have been originated or from Salona or from its immediate surroundings. Do you know that right here, during the reign of Diocletian, St. Domnius, the patron saint of Split, was executed along with others whose only "guilt" was the Christian faith? Do you know that the amphitheater in Salona could accommodate as many as 17,000 spectators, more than most Croatian football stadiums nowadays? Do you know that the ancient Salona has been the real source of the abundance of exhibits in the Archaeological Museum in Split, and that these two locations are connected by the personality of Don Frano Bulic - the father of Croatian archaeology?

Would you like to go back to the times of the "Pax Romanae" and explore Salona better and reconstruct its ruins? Do it in the company of a licensed tour guide.

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Tour guide Mladen - Private tours in Salona, archeological treasure. Visit, accompanied by a tourist guide, the old Salona near Solin, the largest ancient complex in Croatia, go back to the time of ancient Rome when 60,000 inhabitants lived here and it was the seat of a large Roman province Dalmatia. Take a walk with a local tourist guide through the archaeological park of Salona, see the Roman amphitheater could accommodate as many as 17,000 spectators. Pass by impressive walls with towers and gates, forums, baths, and monumental early Christian churches built on the cemeteries where the Salonitan martyrs of St. Domnius, Anastasia, Venancije, etc.

Tour guide Mladen - Private tours in Salona, archeological treasure. The remains of the basilica and the cemetery of Manastirina form the most important early Christian complex of Salone, located outside the city walls. Near the ruins of the early Christian basilica at Manastirina Msgr. Frane Bulić gave In 1898, he built an interesting building, naming it Tusculum, after the popular summer resort of the Roman aristocracy. Tour guide Mladen during private tours in Salona will show you the center of the early Christian SaIona, located in the northwestern part of the eastern city extension. It is the Episcopal center with two longitudinal basilicas, the baptistery and the episcopal palace, built in 5th century AD. Baths, thermae, are a typical feature of Roman civilization and were therefore indispensable part of Roman urban culture. They were a place of intense social and cultural life. The remains of many were discovered private and public baths in SaIona.